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A winter in Wasps Kirkcudbright

Oil paintings of the estuary

I have done very little oil painting since the mid 70s and I was keen to rediscover the medium.With little more than a state pension to live on I tightened my belt and rented a wasps studio at Cannonwalls. The only one available a the time was on the top floor. Being almost 6 foot tall the ceiling height and my head were often at odds and I am sure my time there has greatly increased my chances of dementia as I clattered my head on sharp corners at least 3 times daily. I regarded it as a foot in the wasps door with a view to at some point being able to rent a studio big enough to accommodate my kiln and ceramic studio as well as painting. I sent 6 months walking down by the river dee and painting the scenes I saw there in the winter light as well as exploring other themes in my work.

Rising petrol costs and being unsuccessful in obtaining a suitable studio to do ceramics alongside my art work brought my time there to an end but it did provide time and space to explore the area and to reintroduce myself to oil painting. I am currently exhibiting 4 of the paintings created there as part of the DAGFAS exhibition at Gracefield.

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