Fine Art and Ceramics


Photos on this page by HANIphoto

All my life I have scribbled, painted, arranged objects and made work in my head.  As a child I had little in the way of materials but created with twigs, flowers, rocks and shells. I scribbled in margins and with a stick on the earth.  Inspired by a story about a young Titian using flower petals from his native hill side I dreamt of being an artist but my studies were directed elsewhere.

At teacher training college taking art as my aesthetic option offered tuition and free access to a range of materials and equipment.  I still remember the joy of tins of oil paint and large boards to work on. Since then whenever possible I have attended part time courses run by various artists and  institutions including  Glasgow School of Art.  

In my current art work I am not confined to a style but instead allow my relationship to the subject  to dictate my approach to the work and materials used.

During the last few years I have discovered the joy of ceramics.  Like my other art work, pieces are individually designed and inspired by surroundings and emotions at the time of creation. I work in stoneware. I biscuit fire then glaze my pots or occasionally smoke them in a bonfire. 

I chose the name 'Swallows Perch Studio' because I work in my garage and in the summer am surrounded by swallows perching on my house roof and nesting in my woodshed. 

Tenant at WASPS, Cannonwalls, Kirkcudbright 

Member of : Castle Douglas PA pop up;;

Scottish Artists Union; Paisley Art Institute; Dumfries and Galloway Fine Art Association